Friday, December 17, 2021

Lectures on GIS : How to digitize an image with the help of Open Source GIS Software : Part 1

How to digitize an image with the help of Open Source GIS Software:  Part 1

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Lectures on GIS : Basics

Terminologies and Basic Questions in GIS

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Monday, September 20, 2021

Five GIS Objectives That Can be Achieved Through the Attribute Table

Attribute Table


Attribute Table is a table where georeferenced data is stored for retrieval through geo-database. The data stored in the attribute table is used for the preparation of maps or geodatabases. When a shapefile is created a table can be connected to this file where relevant and related data of that feature can be stored.
This data can be later used as a geodatabase or to create choropleth maps or any other related geospatial documents.

To create an attribute table at-first shapefile needed to be created. There are three types of shapefiles: Point, Polyline, and Polygon shapefiles. Pont is created to digitize the location of a city, building, tourist spot, etc. Polyline shapefile is used to digitize rivers, canals, roads, rail lines, etc.

Polygon is used to represent lakes, water bodies, watersheds, etc.

Under each shapefiles, there can be many shape attributes. Normally for same kind of geographical features single shapefile is created. For river bodies in a map, only one polyline shapefile is required to be created under which all the river bodies are digitized as shape attributes.

After all the shapefiles and their shape attributes are created the next step is to create the attribute table or table editor. In this tutorial, we show how to achieve five different GIS objectives through the attribute table.

Software used: MapWindow 5 (open source).

Download the tutorial or Watch the Youtube Video.

This is an excerpt from the tutorial on GIS and Remote sensing available for Rs.70 at Instamojo.

How to create attribute table in open source GIS software ?

Map Window 5 is an open-source GIS software that has the capability to digitize maps, create a geodatabase, convert raster to vector, interactive maps, georeferencing of images, etc. The current tutorial demo the way you can create an attribute table with the help of MapWindow 5.

The above three images depict the procedure to create an attribute table to store data into shapefiles which can be used for the creation of interactive or informative maps.

The pdf version can be downloaded from here.
Watch the YouTube Video here.

This is an excerpt from the tutorial on GIS and Remote sensing available for Rs.70 at Instamojo.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Five steps to convert paper maps to digitized data driven interactive spatial application

digitization of maptoposheet

Any paper maps can be converted into the digitized data-driven interactive geospatial application by following the five steps as given below :

The entire procedure or the steps of digitization of maps by DIVA-GIS is explained in the presentation that can be accessed by clicking in the link. or view the video about the same presentation.

If any terms like shapefile or attribute table are not clear or known to you then see this presentation.

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