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In recent years, India has graduated thousands of students in the field of GIS and Remote Sensing. The issue is that these graduates are unable to find work in their field of expertise. On the other hand, many GIS start-ups have been launched. Employees with desired GIS expertise are scarce in these organizations. Today, I'd like to propose a newsletter that serves as a link between start-up companies looking for ideal employees and recent GIS graduates. The URL is This newsletter publishes Situation Wanted opportunities in the field of GIS on a regular basis. Thanks, @Mrinmoy

Data Analyst Job in India

Data Analyst Job in India The Geographic Data team is responsible for gathering location data of multiple assets across industries. The team works from across different global offices, including India, the Philippines, and US. The analyst will be joining a collegial and professional global team, where you will be able to collaborate and exchange domain knowledge and expertise on geography and mapping. Our department provides high-quality and timely data, and our Data Researchers perform the key tasks in data collection, maintenance, and processing. We cater to the needs of both internal and external clients, who use our data in making sound and efficient business analyses and decisions. The analyst would be utilizing editing and analytical tools within the GIS software to create and edit mapping layers. They would also be responsible for the daily maintenance of the data sets. #data #india #job

Where to find Free Remote Sensing and GIS Data Downloads

One of the most difficult works in a GIS-based project is to collect remotely sensed imageries at no cost. V.Ghadamode has shared the following videos which explain the procedure to find and download sentinel-2 Satellite data, Landsat 9 Data, World Countries Boundaries, Open Topography, etc. for Free. The following videos were provided to use the free sources for the collection of remotely sensed data :  1)How to download sentinel-2 Satellite data from Copernicus Open Access Hub:  2)How to Download Sensing and GIS Data DownloadsLandsat 9 Data set from USGS earth Explorer:  3)How to download very high-resolution georeferenced satellite imagery using QGIS:  4)Download World Countries Boundaries, Shapefile Data:  5)How to Download Slope, Hillshed, Aspect, Relief and Roughness Map (Open Topography):  6)Download SRTM DEM Directly in QGIS Software:  7)Download Water Body Data lakes and Rivers in shapefile from USGS earth explorer:  8)How to Download Open Street Map data in Shapefile format: 

Lectures on GIS : How to digitize an image with the help of Open Source GIS Software : Part 2

How to digitize an image with the help of Open Source GIS Software Part 2 Volume 3 of 12 Volume Ecourse on GIS and Remote Sensing This tutorial introduces the following topics : Table Editor, Label Editor, Point Shapefile Part of the GIS and Remote Sensing Channel: The premium version contains the solved problems from GIS for national-level entrance examinations and interviews can be found at My Blog: Submit your original research papers in Peer reviewed new journals.  Share or Utilize Opportunities   Post a Vacancy

What's in the News about GIS from 1st to 8th July 2022

RailTel and Esri India ink pact to offer unique Cloud-based GIS solutions Esri India Quote on India’s Biggest Drone Festival – Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022 Lidar data collected across Yellowstone and Park County, Montana, was used to aid the response to flooding last month. Klau Geomatics Launches GNSS and IMU Processing Solution for UAV Mapping " But the main hurdles are the lack of awareness among potential users and inadequate skilled manpower  " The Geospatial Commission will prioritize rolling out the National Underground Assets Register next year, according to a recent report detailing its progress in delivering the UK’s Geospatial Strategy. With the help of cutting-edge surveying technology, the Nepal Survey Department measured the height of Sagarmatha, or Mount Everest, and will soon reveal how high the world’s highest mountain is. Access my blog or look at my homepage to know more about me. You can also subscribe to my newsletter . My Youtube Channel on GIS can be fo


     Readers of Mapology Blog can now participate in Mocktest on GIS and win rewards. The first Mock Test was launched today(7th July 2022). The mock test has twenty multiple-choice questions having two answers; one among them will be the correct answer. If any participants can score more than 90% then he/she can receive 5 job vacancies in which he/she can apply. Anybody scoring less than 90% but more than 40% can also win awards but as discounts on our self-spaced certificate course on GIS, Remote Sensing, and Image Processing . The time of the test is 15min. GIS Tutorial can be found at 

Lectures on GIS : How to digitize an image with the help of Open Source GIS Software : Part 1

How to digitize an image with the help of Open Source GIS Software:  Part 1 Find more such tutorials in  Baipatra Join a self-paced course on  GIS